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21 MW at 34 Sites in CA, CT, NJ and NY


AT&T is committed to finding more reliable and sustainable ways to power its business operations as part of an effort to incorporate alternative and renewable energy sources into AT&T's energy portfolio.

"A key differentiator for fuel cells compared to other forms of alternative power is that fuel cell electricity production is virtually constant. They provide steady, recurring electricity production at a relatively predictable cost, replacing the traditional electricity bill which can be volatile." – John Schinter, Director of Energy, AT&T

Bloom Alternative Energy Servers at AT&T

AT&T Boosts the Power of its Network with Alternative Energy from Bloom

With more than 100 million customers, AT&T's network of wireless, high-speed internet, voice and cloud-based services continues to grow ever year. Such growth leads to a significant increase in energy demand. The company's leadership in high-tech innovation in mobile and internet also extends into sustainability. AT&T has committed to reduce electricity consumption relative to data growth and expand alternative energy deployment — to the tune of 10 MW in 2013 alone. One of the ways they are achieving their goal is by deploying clean, reliable power from Bloom Energy.

Why Bloom Energy?

Bloom Energy Servers generate electricity through a clean electrochemical process which reduces carbon emissions by approximately 50 percent compared to the grid and virtually eliminates all SOx, NOx and other harmful smog forming particulate emissions. In addition to being cleaner, the electricity is constant and can power AT&T's facilities 24x7. The end result is reliable power at predictable rates which provides long-term economic benefits — addressing both the financial and sustainability goals of the company.


AT&T and Bloom Energy have 34 alternative energy projects installed or underway in California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.