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Bloom Installation

500 kW
Irvine, CA

"We must explore our energy alternatives to support advancements in technology and the escalating demand for network and IT infrastructure. Bloom's clean fuel cells offer a way for businesses like CenturyLink to promote the continuing evolution of technology without sacrificing their sustainability commitments."
– David Meredith, Senior Vice President


CenturyLink Powers California Data Center with Bloom Energy Servers

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Why Bloom?

CenturyLink had a number of objectives to consider in their Irvine data center expansion project. The company was interested in exploring alternatives to traditional back-up infrastructure (diesel generators etc.) to support the company's sustainability and carbon reduction goals as well as reduce their electricity costs.


CenturyLink and Bloom's Mission Critical team developed the project to demonstrate the performance of Bloom's uninterruptible power module (UPM) configuration to maintain power and switch seamlessly to the grid through the Static Bypass Module (SBM).

The 500 kW fuel cells are expected to produce nearly 4.4 million kilowatt-hours of annual electricity, will help power cloud, and managed hosting and colocation services housed within the data center. The project will help CenturyLink avoid approximately one million pounds of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions annually and significantly reduce SOx (sulfur oxides), NOx (nitrogen oxides) and other harmful smog-forming particulate emissions.

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