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Bloom Installations

400 kW Installed in 2010
Oakland, CA

400 kW Installed in 2011
San Diego, CA

600 kW Installed in 2011
El Cajon, CA


Cox was looking for a way to reduce its environmental footprint while also saving money. After a successful pilot installation in Oakland, Cox decided to deploy Bloom Energy Servers at two additional sites in Southern California.

"Bloom systems running on biogas offer Cox a 24/7 renewable energy option to meet power demands. By cutting costs and carbon emissions, the Bloom project complements our overall Cox Conserves program."
– Cox Enterprises’ Chairman Jim Kennedy

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Cox Enterprises Saves Money and Reduces Carbon Emissions with Bloom Energy

Cox Enterprises is a leading communications, media and automotive services company with revenues of $15 billion and more than 66,000 employees. The company’s national sustainability program, Cox Conserves, aims to conserve resources, embrace renewable energy and reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions. Cox Conserves also encourages the company’s employees and their families to engage in eco-friendly practices.

Why Bloom?

Cox Enterprises is committed to reducing the company's carbon production and actively seeks projects that are good for the environment and for business. Fuel cell technology provides a positive return on investment. The Bloom Energy installation produces 69 percent of the main building's energy requirements at Cox's KTVU television station in Oakland, California and generates power at a lower cost than the local utility.


The first fuel cell installation was completed in January 2010. The project is expected to produce more than 3.4 million kWh of energy and over 2,000 tons of carbon reduction each year. Two additional projects were installed in 2011.