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Carlsbad, CA

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Increase energy reliability and reduce costs by providing 60 percent of Life Tech's electricity needs for its Carlsbad campus while reducing carbon emissions by 30 percent.

“Moving 'off the grid' using innovative sources of alternative energy like Bloom Energy helps reduce our carbon footprint and continues to demonstrate our commitment to ongoing sustainability initiatives. But Bloom also enhances our electricity reliability for a very critical part of our business — the large freezers and refrigerators that house millions of dollars in inventory. It's important we don't have a system that can fail and possibly lose all that inventory.”
– Cristina Amorim, Chief Sustainability Officer

Life Tech Install

Life Technologies powers its corporate campus with uninterruptible power — increasing reliability, lowering costs, and cutting emissions

The Carlsbad, California campus of Life Technologies is the hub of 10,000 worldwide employees and is dependent upon reliable energy to keep labs, freezers, and critical experiments humming. Power failures and flickers don't just interrupt work — they result in loss of inventory and incur tremendous cost.

With a one megawatt installation of Bloom Energy in an uninterruptible power configuration, Life Technologies is protected from grid events and outages, providing uniquely reliable power 24 x 7 x 365.

In addition to uninterruptible power, their Bloom Energy Servers are also significantly reducing electricity costs and cutting carbon emissions by 30%.

Why Bloom?

By producing onsite power, Bloom Energy provides Life Technologies control over their operations regardless of what happens on the grid. With a rapid payback, environmental benefits that align with their corporate sustainability goals and the security of reliable power, Life Technologies made a clear choice for innovation.

Life Technologies' mission of Shaping Discovery, Improving Life — is reflected in their products, which have the potential to address the most pressing challenges of this century: translational research, molecular medicine and diagnostics, stem cell-based therapies, forensics, food safety and animal health.

Their mission and Bloom Energy's — to provide clean, reliable, affordable energy to everyone in the world — are a great match.