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"The business decision becomes easy when you find a truly reliable, clean, and affordable solution, and Bloom Energy has delivered all three."
– Mark Buckley, VP of Environmental Affairs

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Staples Reduces Cost and Carbon with Bloom

With $23 billion in sales and a pledge to reduce its carbon emissions 7% by 2010, Staples, Inc. is on the forefront of both office products and services and corporate environmental responsibility. From the start, Staples outlined an integrated approach to the environmental impact and to energy, evaluating many energy sources including fuels cells, solar and wind.

Why Bloom?

Early projects with solar and wind were promising and remain in the Staples portfolio, but its search continued for a consistently reliable solution that could operate 24/7 like its business operations and significantly add to carbon reduction volumes. That led the company to Bloom Energy. Bloom offered a unique fuel cell technology that Staples identified as a clear departure from the highly priced legacy fuel cells.


Staples first 300 kW installation was at their Ontario, California Distribution Center. In the first year alone, the project generated over 2 million kilowatt-hours of affordable power with an availability of 99% that resulted in a reduction of 2.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide. In 2011, Staples added a 600kW installation at a distribution center in Rialto, CA.