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Bloom Installation

375 kW
August  2014
Santa Rosa, CA

"As part of our gold LEED certification effort, the new Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital will be the first Northern California medical facility to include a Bloom Energy Server. The US Green Building Council has recognized Bloom fuel cell technology as a significant energy efficient power generation system and reflects this in the LEED certification process.  Sutter Health has a strong commitment to local sustainability, investing millions of dollars in clean energy solutions throughout the 100+ communities that we serve."
– Mike Purvis, Chief Administrative Officer, Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital

Sutter Installation Photo

Bloom Energy Powers Sutter Health's New LEED Gold Santa Rosa Regional Hospital

Sutter Health is a not-for-profit health system in Northern California, headquartered in Sacramento. It includes doctors, hospitals and other health care services in more than 100 Northern California cities and towns. Major service lines of Sutter Health-affiliated hospitals include cardiac care, women's and children's services, cancer care, orthopedics and advanced patient safety technology. The new Santa Rosa Regional hospital will open in the fall of 2014 and has applied for LEED Gold certification.

Why Bloom?

Sutter Health is designing and building a state of the art medical center incorporating advanced technology and green building practices. The Bloom Energy fuel cell generates electricity through an electro-chemical process, using oxygen and natural gas to generate clean electricity on-site.


The fuel cell will provide a substantial amount of power for the hospital while reducing CO2 emissions by more than 600,000 lbs each year, reducing their carbon footprint by 19 percent.