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Philadelphia, PA

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Bloom Installation

600 kW
December 2012
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Environmental Benefits

Estimated Annual CO2
Reduction: 4.8 million lbs.


Urban Outfitters was looking for an alternative energy solution that could provide significant power output and emissisons reductions within a small footprint..

"Urban Outfitters strives to innovate at every level, from our store design and the products we sell to the way we interact with our customers. Bloom Energy's innovative energy solution delivers powerful economic benefits and dramatically reduces our impact on the environment. We are proud to be the first Bloom Energy installation in the state of Pennsylvania."
– Dave Ziel, Chief Development Officer

Washington Gas Installation Photo

Bloom Energy Powers Urban Outfitters’ Philadelphia Headquarters

Urban Outfitters is a leader in creative and innovative retail merchandising – principles they also extend into their operations and sustainability initiatives. In 2006, the company helped bring the historic Philadelphia Navy Yard back to life and redeveloped a significant portion of the site into their awe-inspiring campus. The facility is unique with natural lighting, colorful décor, and furniture made from recycled materials, and it generates its own clean energy on-site with Bloom Energy fuel cells.

Why Bloom?

Urban Outfitters evaluated a number of alternative energy projects for its new campus. It was important that the project generate energy savings as well as enough power to offset a significant portion of the electrical load to replace power drawn from the coal-intensive utility grid. The historical nature of the buildings and the location also created additional
space constraints for the project. In the end, the Bloom Energy installation met all the requirements — financial savings and protection from future electricity rate increases, scalable on-site power generation and significant carbon reductions, all within the equivalent footprint of three parking spaces.


Bloom Energy installed a 600 kW solution at Urban Outfitters' main campus. The Bloom Energy servers provide 60% of the electricity for the campus and offset 4.8 million lbs of CO2 each year.