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Washington, DC

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Bloom Installation

200 kW
Springfield, VA
December 2011


To generate power using natural gas with far less CO2 emissions than the electric grid.

"The Bloom Energy Server is a key part of our strategy to provide clean, reliable on site generation that supports our goal to reduce our fleet and facilities' GHG emissions by 70 percent."
– Gautam Chandra, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

Washington Gas Installation Photo

Washington Gas Installs 200 kW Bloom Energy Server

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Washington Gas Light Company (Washington Gas) delivers natural gas to more than one million residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Washington, DC, and the surrounding region.

Why Bloom?

Washington Gas sought a power generation solution that could utilize natural gas to create electricity with far less carbon dioxide emissions than the electric grid while eliminating NOx, SOx and other harmful smog forming particulates. Bloom's Energy Servers were the right choice to take advantage of Washington Gas' readily available natural gas infrastructure to generate cleaner power and achieve environmental objectives.


As the primary natural gas supplier in Washington, DC and the surrounding area, Washington Gas is committed to building its business in a sustainable manner. This 200 kW installation will provide reliable power for Washington Gas' facility while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by over 840,000 lbs each year.