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Bloom Installation

July 2014
Sunnyvale, CA

"As part of our commitment to being an environmentally responsible company, our goal is to source 50 percent of our annual electricity from on-site generation. This is the first Bloom Box we’ve installed which will power one-third of our electricity on campus.  We will continue to investigate opportunities to deploy energy efficient technologies to our facilities around the world."
– Chris Page, Global Director of Energy and Sustainability Strategies

Yahoo Installation Photo

Pictured Above from left to right: Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Jim Davis, Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman, Bloom Energy CEO KR Sridhar, Yahoo Advisor to the CEO Patricia Moll Kriese, Yahoo VP of Global Real Estate John Bruno

Yahoo Installs Bloom Energy at Sunnyvale Headquarters

Yahoo is a global tech company focused on inspiring and entertaining the world's daily habits. Yahoo is committed to being an environmentally responsible company and source from cleaner and more efficient energy technologies whenever possible. Yahoo is an industry leader in energy-efficiency in data centers by harnessing hydropower from natural resources and incorporating the patented Yahoo Compute Coop (YCC) building design that utilizes outside air to cool its servers. Additionally, Yahoo has committed to meeting half of the annual electricity needs at the Sunnyvale global headquarters through on-site energy generation to reduce reliance on the traditional power grid, improve energy and economic efficiency in powering facilities, and lower environmental impact.

Why Bloom?

Yahoo sought a highly reliable alternative energy solution that reduced both dependence on the traditional power grid and the environmental impact of its operations. The Bloom Energy team worked with Yahoo to deliver a solution that provides a significant amount of power and complements the aesthetics of the Yahoo campus while also meeting the company’s financial objectives.


Yahoo installed a five-module 1 MW Bloom Energy fuel cell installation at its LEED Gold-certified global headquarters in Sunnyvale, just around the corner from Bloom Energy’s Headquarters and manufacturing center. The Bloom Energy project will produce one-third of the electricity on-site for the campus.

On July 31, 20014, Yahoo held a “Flip Switching” Event to celebrate the completion of the project.

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