Purchase Options

Bloom Energy offers our customers different purchase options to best meet their individual needs.

Equipment Purchase

Customers who want to maximize their return on investment can purchase and install Bloom Energy Servers at their facilities and capture all of the economic benefits of producing their own power for significantly less than the price of electricity purchased from the grid.

Pay as You Go

Bloom has partnered with some of the nation's largest banks to offer tailored financing options to customers. These options allow the customer to start enjoying the benefits of clean, reliable and affordable energy with no upfront capital outlay.

Service Agreements

Bloom Energy is committed to providing customers with operating and maintenance support programs that best meets a customer’s needs. The various service offerings are designed to ensure that our customers are given the best service available with easy and affordable options to constantly assure the superior quality performance of our Energy Servers.

All services are performed by certified service technicians.

Contact us today at to learn more about the service agreement options available to our customers.