Bloom Energy Purchase and Financing Options

Bloom Energy offers customers multiple purchase and financing options to best meet their business objectives. Bloom Energy has partnered with banks, utilities and other institutional investors to offer tailored financing options to customers.

Capital Purchase

Customers who want to maximize their return on investment can purchase and install Bloom Energy Servers at their facilities and capture all of the economic benefits of producing their own power for significantly less than the price of electricity purchased from the grid.

Bloom Electrons®

The Bloom Electrons service allows customers to lock in electricity costs for 15 years, delivering predictable costs and significant savings without the upfront capital purchase and ownership of the equipment. Bloom Energy manages and maintains the energy systems; customers only pay for the electricity that is produced.

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Operating Lease

The Bloom Energy operating lease, available through Bank of America Merrill Lynch and other similar banks, allows companies to conserve Capex and reduce Opex with a fixed energy cost and predictable payment for 10 years.

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Service Agreements

Regardless of which pricing option customers choose, Bloom Energy is committed to providing customers with operating and maintenance support to ensure the performance of our Energy Servers. Bloom Energy’s Remote Monitoring and Control Center constantly monitors each energy system to optimize performance and dispatch certified service technicians for required maintenance.

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