Energy Server Architecture

At the heart of every Energy Server® is Bloom's patented solid oxide fuel cell technology.

Each Energy Server consists of thousands of Bloom's fuel cells. Each cell is a flat solid ceramic square made from a common sand-like "powder."

Each Bloom Energy fuel cell is capable of producing about 25W... enough to power a light bulb. For more power, the cells are sandwiched, along with metal interconnect plates into a fuel cell "stack". A few stacks, together a server about the size of a loaf of bread, is enough to power an average home.

In an Energy Server, multiple stacks are aggregated together into a "power module", and then multiple power modules, along with a common fuel input and electrical output are assembled as a complete system.

Bloom Energy Server Picture


For more power, multiple Energy Server systems can be deployed side by side.

In addition to Bloom's unmatched performance, this modular server architecture offers...

  • easy and fast deployment
  • inherent redundancy for fault tolerance
  • high availability (one power module can be serviced while all others continue to operate)
  • mobility