ES5 Energy Server

ES5 Energy Server Data Sheet

Technical Highlights
Nameplate power output (net AC) 262.5 kW
Base load output (net AC) 250 kW
Electrical connection 480 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz
Fuels Natural gas, directed biogas
Input fuel pressure 10-18 psig (15 psig nominal)
Water None during normal operation
Cumulative electrical efficiency (LHV net AC)* 65-53%
Heat rate (HHV) 5,811-7,127 Btu/kWh
NOx < 0.01 lbs/MWh
SOx Negligible
CO <0.05 lbs/MWh
VOCs < 0.02 lbs/MWh
CO2 @ specified efficiency 679-833 lbs/MWh on natural gas;
carbon neutral on directed biogas
Physical Attributes and Environment
Weight 14.3 tons
Dimensions 14'9" x 8'9" x 7' or 29'6" x 4'5" x 7'5"
Temperature range -20° to 45° C
Humidity 0% - 100%
Seismic vibration IBC site class D
Location Outdoor
Noise < 70 dBA @ 6 feet
Codes and Standards
Complies with Rule 21 interconnection and IEEE1547 standards
Exempt from CA Air District permitting; meets stringent CARB 2007 emissions standards
Product listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) to ANSI/CSA America FC 1-2004
Additional Notes
Access to a secure website to monitor system performance & environmental benefits
Remotely managed and monitored by Bloom Energy
Capable of emergency stop based on input from the site

* 65% LHV efficiency verified by ASME PTC 50 Fuel Cell Power Systems Performance Test