Food and Beverage
Atlanta, Georgia
Bloom Installation: 

500 kW
Odwalla Production Facility
Dinuba, CA

1 MW
Bottling Facility
American Canyon, CA

These projects will operate on renewable biogas, providing a 24/7/365 renewable solution at its Odwalla Production Facility, reducing over 10 million pounds of CO2 annually.
"Bloom has the rare combination of cutting edge product development capability and down-to-earth business skills that is required to commercialize the clean energy technologies we will need to curb our carbon emissions on a large scale."
Richard Crowther
Energy Efficiency Manager

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to growing its business while simultaneously reducing its global carbon footprint. Live Positively, the Coca-Cola platform for sustainability, represents the company's commitment to making sustainability "a part of everything we do." Simultaneously, Coke's "2020 Vision" calls for doubling revenue and increasing margins. Therefore, Coca-Cola sustainability goals are intertwined with the business goals of increased profitability.

Why Bloom?

Coke sought a flexible solution that could provide constant, reliable power to around-the-clock bottling and manufacturing operations, provide a power-dense solution to large office buildings, and make a major contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in facilities located around the world. Of course, all of these features had to include a boost to the bottom-line.

Coca-Cola unveiled the installation at American Canyon at the ceremonial ribbon cutting on Earth Day in April 2012.