Executive Vice President, Quality, Reliability and Sustainability

Glen joined Bloom Energy in December 2014. Previously, he was Hewlett Packard's Chief Quality Officer, where he led HP's Customer Experience and Quality Office. He developed and implemented a strategy which revitalized HP's focus on customers and engaged HP employees to transform product and service quality across a $120B company. Prior to assuming this role, Glen was VP of Enterprise Business Quality and VP of HP Global Engineering responsible for providing centralized engineering and regulatory services to all HP business teams, managing 400+ engineers providing operations based in 37 countries. Glen's professional experience centers on reliability, electrical, avionic and systems engineering. As a member of the UK Royal Air Force, Glen served 22 years as an engineering officer, working on Jaguar and Harrier aircraft. Glen was also responsible for setting UK Ministry of Defence reliability policy and also served as the UK Engineering Specialist Officer on the US Joint Strike Fighter F-35 Program and Systems and Software Officer on the UK Typhoon program. Glen holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Reliability and Maintainability Engineering.