Mountain View, CA
Bloom Installation: 

July 2008
Mountain View, CA

Implement new energy technology to help achieve emissions reduction goals at Global Headquarters
"As we strive to continually implement innovative and responsible practices across our company, we are proud to be one of the early customers of Bloom Energy."
Rick Needham
Manager Green Business Operations

Google is committed to being a responsible global citizen and takes its energy use very seriously. To reduce the environmental impact of Google’s operations, it generates onsite energy with lower carbon intensities and lower cost than the traditional grid. Onsite renewable energy reduces Google carbon emissions and makes good business sense too.

Why Bloom Energy?

Bloom Energy’s technology delivers clean, reliable and affordable energy to help power Google’s headquarters. And Bloom Boxes have the potential to operate on a wide range of renewable fuels that enable 24/7, carbon neutral energy production. This potential, combined with easy deployment and reasonable payback periods, attracted Google to Bloom Energy.


Bloom Energy has worked to help Google achieve both its economic and environmental goals, assuring that the 400kW installation on Google’s main campus delivers clean, sustainable and affordable energy.