A Powerful Combination

By pairing our Energy Server platform with PowerSecure’s Auxiliary Battery System (ABS), you are able to meet your facility’s energy needs with flexible lithium-ion battery output that is powered solely by clean, fuel cell generated electricity.

While the fuel cells provide 24/7 baseload power, the batteries use a predictive discharge algorithm that optimizes for two key value streams that saves you money:

  • Peak Shaving: The battery discharges daily during your peak 15-minute interval to reduce high utility demand charges and smooth your load curve

Peak Shaving

  • Load Shifting: The battery maximizes discharge during utility peak periods to reduce your high time-of-use utility energy charges and smooth your load curve

There are additional synergies that are realized through this powerful combination

  • No additional inverter cost: Battery uses spare inverter capacity that is already being deployed for the Energy Server
  • Lower installation cost: Energy Server and battery installation share overhead costs
  • Charge battery with Bloom Energy power: Cheaper and cleaner than grid power
  • Store excess production: Charge the battery when facility load is low instead of net metering to the grid
  • Potential for business continuity: Opportunity to have power during a grid outage

The figure below illustrates an example using a 200 kW fuel cell and 100 kW/300kWh battery. However, the Energy Server and ABS capacities can be tailored to meet a variety of customer requirements.

Bloom Energy ABS Graph