When Power Failure is Not an Option

Our customers demand some of the highest levels of resiliency and reliability in the world. Protecting sensitive equipment requires high quality power with no disruption—the slightest flicker in power availability can have catastrophic effects on equipment, data retention and business operations. Bloom’s Mission Critical solution can protect your facility from power outages, natural disasters and cyber attacks. 

Powered by the highly available natural gas pipeline, our Energy Servers are hot swappable and fault tolerant. This architecture creates best of breed reliability and, because the system is modular and highly customizable, reliability can be tuned to meet your requirements and is able to achieve 5-9’s of reliability to support the most stringent demands.

Our Mission Critical solutions have been deployed for over 35 major customers and our Mission Critical practice leads have designed power solutions for hundreds of data centers for leading cloud and financial services companies.

Bloom Mission Critical Benefits:

  • Extended outage protection
  • Eliminates surges, sags or interference
  • Highly modular, scalable design
  • Predictable electricity costs
  • 24 x 7 uninterruptible Power
  • Availability of the BE solution = 99.998%
  • Concurrently maintainable
  • Highly redundant design
  • Fault tolerant
  • Hot swappable field replacement units
  • Eliminates the risk of power over-provisioning
  • Displaces legacy equipment