Executive Vice President of Engineering
Chief Technology Officer

Venkat Venkataraman brings to Bloom Energy more than 35 years of experience in process design and optimization. He leads the development of highly efficient and low cost Bloom Energy Servers. During his tenure at Bloom, he led the company through many technological breakthroughs bringing SOFC technology from early stages of development to a very matured state enabling deployment of highly efficient commercial systems. Over the years, Venkat has assembled, led and mentored a very strong team of engineers and innovators around the world in the areas of stack technology, system integration and power electronics, who have made tremendous strides in that time, solving the key technical challenges that had previously prevented the commercialization of SOFC technologies. He has authored/co-authored several patents in the areas of SOFC technology, fuel processing, heat integration and control systems. Prior to joining Bloom Energy, Venkat was a Principal Technologist at Aspen Technology, Inc. where he led the commercial development of high end design, simulation and optimization software for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Venkat is a winner of AIChE award in the area of chemical process optimization, and holds a Ph.D in chemical engineering from Clarkson University.