Power for Mission Critical Systems


Reliable Power for Mission Critical Systems

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Data center electricity demand continues to soar and today's data center operators are increasingly challenged to rely on an aging electric grid to fuel their growth. Operators are finding conventional approaches inadequate to scale with today's increasing IT demands.

Bloom Energy has developed a simpler way to generate power for data centers and mission critical systems. Bloom's modular, always-on energy architecture simultaneously addresses the key challenges of traditional data center design: reliability, energy efficiency, reduced operational cost, phased use of capital, and air and water sustainability.

Increased Reliability – and Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Bloom Energy generates a continuous source of UPS-quality power. Modular energy architecture enables operators to specify the level of availability and N+M configurations to suit multiple needs. Bloom draws fuel from the highly reliable natural gas grid, and utilizes the electric grid as backup. This delivers an order-of-magnitude greater reliability than traditional approaches at lower lifetime costs.

Avoid Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) & Diesel Generation

A data center powered by Bloom Energy eliminates the need for traditional backup equipment like diesel generators, UPS, batteries, and complex switchgear. This suite of legacy components is still too expensive, unreliable, and cumbersome. Bloom enables data center operators to rely on a simpler, cleaner, lower cost energy solution.

Energy Efficient, No Water Use

Bloom Energy Servers generate power at unmatched electrical efficiencies. Further, by generating data center power onsite, they avoid 7 to 15 percent losses from transmission across the grid, and also avoid similar additional losses from duplicative UPS systems. Bloom can run on 100 percent renewable biogas, and consumes no water during normal operation.

Future Applications

This is just the beginning. Bloom Energy can be deployed across the globe, tailored to any need. From urban nodes for low-latency, to core data centers at low TCO, Bloom Energy's power solution will be a catalyst for reimagining how data centers are designed & deployed worldwide.