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Upcoming Events

March 18 - March 12, 2024
Location: Houston, TX
Bloom Energy's VP of Hydrogen Business, Rick Beuttel will be discussing "Hydrogen Goes Nuclear: Electrolyzers and Reactors" as part of a panel in the Hydrogen Hub area of the Innovation Agora.
April 08 - April 11, 2024
Location: Jersey City, NJ
On day 2 of the event, Rick Beuttel, Bloom's VP of Hydrogen Business, will join a panel discussing how to leverage fuel cells and hydrogen as part of the clean value chain.
May 13 - May 16, 2024
Location: Savannah, GA
We are honored to be the title sponsor of the largest gathering of biogas industry professionals. Be sure to visit our booth to learn about how Bloom is harnessing biogas to reduce emissions, promote energy resilience, and advance sustainable energy.
June 05 - June 06, 2024
Location: Cambridge, MA
Bloom Energy’s, Vice President, Microgrids and EV Charging Infrastructure, Razvan Panati, will be hosting a discussion titled, "Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Microgrids: the Enabler of the Clean, Reliable and Resilient Distributed Generation".