Bloom Energy Platform:
Delivering Clean, Reliable Energy

How Bloom’s decarbonization technology offers energy security while producing reliable,
clean electricity enabling the energy transition to net zero

Discover Bloom’s Clean Energy Benefits

Bloom’s distributed, non-combustion process of generating clean energy helps reduce emissions and promote sustainable communities. Our energy platform uniquely addresses both the causes and consequences of climate change.

Accelerate Decarbonization

Partnering with Bloom brings you the most efficient system for today’s fuels with an adaptable platform equipped for advanced decarbonization with zero-carbon hydrogen.

Advanced Decarbonization


metric tons of CO2 reduced globally in 2022

99+% reduction

of smog-forming pollutants*

Our Energy Servers reduced:

2,432,288 lbs

of NOx in 2022
99.8% reduction vs. grid

606,384 lbs

of SOx 2022
100% reduction vs. grid

* due to near-zero NOx and SOx Energy Server emissions

Improve Air Quality

We improve air quality by generating clean electricity without combustion. Our Energy Servers emit near-zero NOx and SO2, reducing emissions of these smog-forming pollutants by 99+%.

Bloom Energy’s 2022 Water Savings

In 2022 alone, our fuel cells avoided more than 4.7 billion gallons of water
consumption and over 691 billion gallons of water withdrawal by grid electricity sources.

  Bloom Energy
United States Average Rates1
2022 Fleetwide Water Reductions1,2
​Water Consumption
1.01 830 4,741
​Water Withdrawal
0 102,000 691,877

1. Using regional factors from WRI Guidance for Calculating Water Use Embedded in Purchased Electricity for United States average water consumption and withdrawal
2. Bloom’s water reductions were calculated using actual fleetwide energy production in 2022

Minimize Land Use

We’re constantly finding ways to minimize our land use. The latest Bloom systems deliver 5X the electricity output of the first generation in the same footprint. The next generation will deliver 50% more power than the current generation in the same footprint.

Minimal Land Use

1 MW

Power produced within the space of
a shipping container

5.5 acres

Land use required for equivalent solar output

For more information about our sustainable energy servers and our solutions for a decarbonized future, please see our 2023 Sustainability Report.


Flexible Term Lengths


Flexible Financing Options

Turnkey Solution

Ensure Predictable Power

Bloom’s turnkey solutions allow for a fixed-payment schedule with the ability to secure fuel pricing. This allows our customers to achieve cost predictability and significant savings over the life of the project.

Avoid Power Outages with Energy Security

Bloom’s AlwaysON microgrid provides energy security to businesses and communities with critical protection
from grid instability and outages caused by climate-related extreme weather events.


Microgrids Deployed


Grid outages prevented

Outage costs

Millions of dollars in
outage-related costs avoided

Maximize Uptime

Bloom’s modular architecture means no maintenance downtime, providing reliable energy to the most demanding industries.

Additionally, the fault-tolerant natural gas network we run on is proven to stay online even during natural disasters, providing maximum uptime to our platform.

Maximum Uptime


maintenance downtime due to modular,
redundant architecture

Disaster-Proof Energy Security

Bloom systems have maintained operations through major hurricanes, winter storms, earthquakes, and typhoons.

Microgrid Platform

Achieve complete energy security with Bloom’s reliable energy. Protect your business or community from planned and unplanned outages