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Protect Your Business From Planned and Unplanned Power Outages


Microgrid Solutions for Reliable Electricity

Bloom’s fuel cell platform can be configured as a microgrid that protects against grid outages and extreme weather disruption. Facilities operating Bloom fuel cell microgrids have powered through thousands of power outages. Bloom’s microgrid energy technology generates highly-efficient, clean energy, is fuel-flexible, and future-proof to help you navigate the energy transition to decarbonization. The fuel cell microgrid platform enables your organization to hedge against price volatility and price escalation by fixing a large portion of your electricity cost, and is modular to scale as your business and demand for power grows.

Benefits of Bloom Microgrid Solutions



Uninterrupted power without compromise to eliminate power outages

  • Eliminate outage risk
  • Maximize availability and uptime


Reduce price uncertainty from energy costs with superior power quality

  • Lock in predictable costs
  • Improve time to power
  • Gain consistent power quality


Accelerating the path to decarbonization and better air quality

  • Fuel-flexible, upgradable, future-proof
  • Navigate the clean energy transition


A turnkey solution platform to enhance your energy investment strategy

  • Flexible financing and no upfront cost
  • Trusted EPC Partner
  • Bloom handles permitting, installation, and O&M

Microgrid Solutions:
Bloom Energy Servers Lead the Way

Bloom Energy

bloom energy
Diesel Generator
Solar + Battery
Duration AlwaysON Limited by fuel storage 2-4 hours 2-4 hours+
Reliability AlwaysON Above Ground Power Lines Cold Start Issues Needs to be Charged Intermittent
Fuel Supply AlwaysON Storage Tank or Delivery Truck Charges from Grid Dependent on Sun
Air Pollution None Smog, Particulates Smog, Particulates Dependent upon source None
Bloom Energy

bloom energy
Duration AlwaysON
Reliability AlwaysON Above Ground Power Lines
Fuel Supply AlwaysON
Air Pollution None Smog, Particulates
Bloom Energy

bloom energy
Diesel Generator
Duration AlwaysON Limited by fuel storage
Reliability AlwaysON Cold Start Issues
Fuel Supply AlwaysON Storage Tank or Delivery Truck
Air Pollution None Smog, Particulates
Bloom Energy

bloom energy
Duration AlwaysON 2-4 hours
Reliability AlwaysON Needs to be Charged
Fuel Supply AlwaysON Charges from Grid
Air Pollution None Dependent upon source
Bloom Energy

bloom energy
Solar + Battery
Duration AlwaysON 2-4 hours+
Reliability AlwaysON Intermittent
Fuel Supply AlwaysON Dependent on Sun
Air Pollution None None

Microgrid Energy Use Cases

Utility Power Constraint

  • Utility could not deliver power to a building under construction.
  • Bloom installed 2.5MW microgrid that powers 100% of new building and parts of existing campus.
  • Enabled building construction to proceed on schedule.

Community Protection from Storms

  • City of Hartford was hit with a hurricane and storm, causing an 11 day outage.
  • Bloom installed 800kW system to power critical facilities.
  • Bloom Microgrids have provided a safe haven for the community through multiple outages.

Keeping Businesses Open during Disasters

  • A business wanted to remain open during disasters to serve their local communities with safety supplies.
  • They wanted to eliminate the need for diesel generators that reduce air quality and are a hassle to maintain.
  • Bloom has now powered their facilities through 100+ utility outages.

Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Protection

  • California utilities implemented transmission-level “public safety power shutoffs” in 2019.
  • Millions of customers were without power for up to a week.
  • Bloom powered a large campus in Santa Rosa, CA for 5.5 days during a PSPS in October.

What does a day without power mean for your business or community?

Multi-day outages caused by extreme weather events are on the rise. Are you prepared for this new normal?

A Day Without Power

Frequently Asked Questions
for Microgrid Energy Solutions

What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is a localized grid that can disconnect from the traditional grid to operate autonomously.  Microgrids are becoming increasingly important because they allow critical loads, facilities or even entire communities to continue operation when the surrounding electrical grid becomes unavailable.

Why are Microgrids important?

We live in a society where 24/7 electricity is a basic necessity – powering everything from our homes, to our businesses, to our transportation systems – yet most still rely on an aging and unreliable electrical transmission and distribution system. According to the Eaton Blackout Tracker, 36 million people experienced an outage in 2017, with an average duration of 81 minutes, nearly double the average of 48 minutes in 2016. 2019 was a particularly important year for microgrids since CA utilities began implementing Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) and cut power to millions of people for up to a week.

How does a Bloom microgrid differ from other solutions on the market?
Bloom Energy AlwaysON solutions generate power around the clock, whether or not the grid is available. When the grid is functional, power from the microgrid solution helps control utility costs by offsetting a significant portion of a facility’s consumption. When the grid fails, the AlwaysON solution continues to carry the critical load with minimal to no interruption. Because Bloom Energy Servers are in continuous operation, there is no risk associated with cold starts and load transfers.
How much experience does Bloom have deploying and operating microgrids?
Bloom has been deploying and operating microgrids since 2011 and has over 100 microgrids deployed globally. Bloom has protected customers from thousands of grid disruptions ranging from short-term outages to public safety power shutoff (PSPS) events that lasted over 5 days.

Microgrid Solutions Financing Options

Capital Purchase

Capital Purchase

Customers who want to maximize their return on investment can purchase and install our Energy Server Platform at their facilities. This allows customers to capture all of the economic benefits of producing their own power for significantly less than the price of electricity purchased from the grid.

Energy Services Contract

Energy Services Contract

We also offer a variety of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or Power as a Service Contract options to deliver low and predictable energy costs, without any upfront capital. We work with each customer to determine the best financing structure and terms to meet their needs.

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