Eliminate Outages with Resilient Power

Dealing with the causes and consequences of today’s most pressing energy challenges.

During 2020, there were 22 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disaster events across the United States, breaking the previous annual record of 16 events that occurred in 2017 and 2011.

A Day Without Power

From planned outages in the west to storm-induced outages in the south and east, these high-impact, high-cost ramifications of power disruptions have elevated the discussion around energy independence and the essential role microgrids play in combating our new normal.

As a critical, always-on solution, microgrids can operate alongside a main grid, but independently of it during a power outage. What does this independence mean? Resilient power.

  • Creates a reliable, safe space for communities
  • Safeguards business operations and the bottom line
  • Contributes to grid hardening by alleviating pressure on centralized infrastructure

The Importance of Resilient Power

Converging climate and public health crises have played a significant role in highlighting our economy’s dependencies, elevating risks and exposing harsh new realities.

An aging centralized grid that is prone to outages and natural disasters, coupled with a dangerous cyber-threat landscape has left society heavily reliant on a power delivery system that has simply not kept pace with the evolution of its surrounding environment.

Stakeholders across the organizational spectrum are navigating an unprecedented risk landscape – energy security has become table stakes as people search for solutions that can keep the lights on amidst the growing frequency of threats.

Resiliency emerging as a critical aspect of success for any business

SOURCE: 2020 State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability Report (S&C); EIA; Climate Central Screenshot: SKO, Selling Resiliency and Sustainability, slide 7
SOURCE: 2020 State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability Report (S&C); EIA; Climate Central

AlwaysON Microgrids for Business Resiliency

Meeting challenges head on with AlwaysON Microgrids

The AlwaysON Microgrid Solution is the 21st century answer to long grid outages (planned or unplanned) and extreme weather disruption.

Our technology also avoids the vulnerabilities of conventional transmission and distribution lines by generating power on-site, where the electricity is consumed. The system operates at very high availability due to its modular and fault-tolerant design and utilizes the highly reliable underground gas pipeline so there is no single point of failure.

There is no longer a need to store extra fuel, buy extra backup power, or relocate your facilities. The AlwaysOn Microgrid’s simple and elegant design offers protection from outages with reduced emissions, and is available as a service with no upfront costs.

Benefits of AlwaysON Microgrids

Microgrids have emerged as the clear solution of choice providing unparalleled benefits to consumers – enhanced resiliency and predictable energy costs — all while reducing carbon emissions.

Benefits of Bloom Microgrid Solutions



Uninterrupted power without compromise to eliminate power outages

  • Eliminate outage risk
  • Maximize availability and uptime


Reduce price uncertainty from energy costs with superior power quality

  • Lock in predictable costs
  • Improve time to power
  • Gain consistent power quality


Accelerating the path to decarbonization and better air quality

  • Fuel-flexible, upgradable, future-proof
  • Navigate the clean energy transition


A turnkey solution platform to enhance your energy investment strategy

  • Flexible financing and no upfront cost
  • Trusted EPC Partner
  • Bloom handles permitting, installation, and O&M

Why Choose Bloom?



U.S. grid outages have increased 60% over the past decade. Bloom’s AlwaysON Microgrids enable businesses to protect themselves from increasingly frequent and lengthy outages, both planned and unplanned. Since 2018, Bloom powered facilities through 1,750+ outages.


Because fuel cells are a non-combustion technology, we produce virtually zero of the criteria air pollutants that form smog, cause asthma, and worsen public health. Our systems can run on renewable biogas or hydrogen to generate carbon-neutral electricity.


With U.S. grid power prices predicted to increase by over 40% through 2026, businesses are looking for ways to protect against rising costs. Bloom’s energy solution enables customers to hedge against volatility and price escalation by fixing a large portion of their electricity cost, providing multiple financing options and flexible term lengths.

Bloom offers several microgrid configurations to address your individual resiliency needs. There isn’t a one size fits all, and our platform and in-house product and engineering team will work with yours to put together the most effective solution to meet your business needs.

Gain energy independence and execute the best-fit resiliency strategy for your business with Bloom Energy’s AlwaysON Microgrid Solutions.

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