Primary Power solution for predictable energy costs

Bloom Energy Server

Affordable, onsite power at the highest efficiency available

Lock in energy savings and benefits

Bloom Energy Servers are compelling to businesses because they deliver financial value to customers. We create power without combustion at the highest efficiency available in the marketplace. This allows us to use less fuel to create the same amount of power.

Many customers also use our servers as a hedge against rising electricity prices. Electricity rates are variable and are subject to significant escalation related to infrastructure (i.e. transmission and distribution) maintenance. Bloom Energy solutions allow for a low, fixed payment schedule with the ability to secure fuel pricing. This allows our customers to lock in pricing and benefit from savings over the life of the project.

Benefits of Primary Power

Predictable Costs

Protect against utility rate increases.


Fault-tolerant architecture and natural gas network provides maximum uptime.

Highest Efficiency

Operates continuously when the grid is available at the highest electrical efficiency of any power solution available.

Improved Sustainability

Reduced emissions, improved air quality, and no water required to operate.

Primary Power use cases

Power Quality

  • Customer was experiencing grid voltage fluctuations that impacted sensitive equipment.
  • Cost them time, money, business disruption due to component failure.
  • Bloom Servers mitigated this issue.

Voltage Issues

  • A NY customer had sensitive equipment impacted by voltage issues caused by firing up chillers.
  • They no longer experienced the issue after installing 1.5 MWs of Bloom Servers.
  • The company’s engineers are demanding Bloom for all of their buildings.


  • A global leader in sustainability has committed to 100% renewable energy across their operation.
  • The strategy includes water stewardship, renewable energy, low carbon footprint, and innovation.
  • Bloom helps this customer achieve their mission with a biogas powered Energy Server that is carbon neutral and requires no water to operate.

Get started with a Primary Power solution to lock in pricing and benefits over the life of the project.

AlwaysON Microgrid Platform

Protect your businesses or communities from planned and unplanned outages

Microgrid Solutions Financing Options

Capital Purchase

Capital Purchase

Customers who want to maximize their return on investment can purchase and install our Energy Server Platform at their facilities. This allows customers to capture all of the economic benefits of producing their own power for significantly less than the price of electricity purchased from the grid.

Energy Services Contract

Energy Services Contract

We also offer a variety of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or Power as a Service Contract options to deliver low and predictable energy costs, without any upfront capital. We work with each customer to determine the best financing structure and terms to meet their needs.

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