Value Statement: Controlling costs to keep a competitive edge

Objective: Walmart seeks an energy solution that will help them achieve their renewable energy targets while contributing to lower costs and providing the potential to supply continuous power to stores, even during critical grid outages.

Headquarters: Bentonville, AR

Bloom Installation: 40+ Projects in CA and CT Estimated Annual CO2 Reduction: 73 million lbs.

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Walmart has recognized the business opportunity and environmental urgency for adopting renewable energy. Accordingly, they are working towards supplying their operations with 100 percent renewable energy.

Why Bloom Energy?

The deployment of on-site renewable energy generation is a key element to Walmart’s corporate sustainability strategy to operate at everyday low cost while being a good steward of the environment. Walmart evaluates their energy vendors with the same rigor applied to all of their suppliers. Consequently, they require a renewable energy solution that cannot only make a major contribution to their sustainability targets and reduce energy costs, but also have the capability to supply continuous power to stores, even during critical grid outages.


Walmart installed its first Bloom Energy Server at its Lancaster, CA store in 2009, and today has more than 30 Bloom Energy installations at stores and distribution centers in California. Most of Walmart’s clean energy servers from Bloom are powered by biogas, resulting in even greater carbon reductions. The electricity provided by Bloom servers varies by location but can provide up to 60-75% of the facilities’ electrical load.