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Changing the Way Business Buys Power

The New Series 10: Changing the Way Business Buys Power
Series 10 Stats

Series 10 Highlights

  • Bloom Energy will ship its on-site power solution in as little as 50 days from order to meet your rapidly growing power needs.
  • With zero upfront costs and a short 5-year contract, the Series 10 offers the most flexibility available in the market today.
  • Series 10 provides ultimate control of your power costs at a flat rate as low as 9.9 cents.
  • Series 10 will be installed, operated, and maintained at zero additional cost and with zero hassle to you.
The New Series 10: Changing the Way Business Buys Power

Watch: The New Series 10: Changing the Way Business Buys Power

Proven Technology

  • Bloom Energy has deployed over 1GW of on-site primary power generation solutions for hundreds of customers.
  • Our proven technology is now available in the Series 10 offering for rapid shipment in an industry leading 5-year term, at competitive costs.
  • 95% of all stationary fuel cells installed in the US since 2018 are Bloom Energy Servers

The Energy Transition is Messy

Power Outages Up


Outage Duration has


Grid Reliability Is


A Power Shortage is Here to Stay

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Power Costs are Steeply Rising

Power Costs are
Steeply Rising

Power Availability is Rapidly Declining

Power Availability is Rapidly Declining

Take Control of Your Power
to Protect Your Business

Changing the Way Business Buys Power

Introducing a Revolutionary Energy Offering


10MW Guaranteed


Shipped in 50 days


5 year term with flat rate

$0 Upfront Cost or Fees
Maintenance and 24/7 Monitoring Included

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Power Output: 10MW

Shipped In: 50 Days

Contract Term: 5 years

Performance: 100% Guaranteed

Availability: 99.99%

Flat Rate:  as low as 9.9¢ / kWh

Optional Add-ons:
Microgrid Operation, CHP Enabled > 5MWt @ > 350°C

Final rates determined by any applicable state and local taxes and fuel pricing.

Aerial of Bloom Energy Installation

The Future of Power

Produce Power Without Burning Fuel


Advanced Fuel Cell Technology with virtually zero:

  • Noise
  • Pollution
  • Water Usage
The Future of Power

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Series 10 Offer?

The Series 10 is offered for a short, 5-year term with 10MW of guaranteed, always-on power at a flat rate with no upfront payment and no maintenance costs. While other power generators are intermittent and/or degrade over time, the Series 10 was designed to ensure that 10 MW is always available.

What is a fuel cell?

The Bloom platform utilizes solid oxide fuel cells to produce electricity without combustion.  Each solid oxide fuel cell is comprised of three layers: an electrolyte, a cathode, and an anode. Unlike other fuel cells, no precious metals, corrosive acids, or molten materials are required.

Fuel cells use a continuous electrochemical process driven by air and a fuel source containing hydrogen to produce clean, reliable affordable energy.

What kind of fuel is used?

Bloom’s solid oxide technology converts natural gas, biogas, or hydrogen into electricity without burning the fuel, resulting in low or no CO2 emissions as well as virtually eliminating NOx, SOx, and other harmful emissions.

Fuel cells contain an anode and cathode, so are fuel cells the same as batteries?

No, while a solid oxide fuel cell and a battery both contain an anode and a cathode, they have distinctly different applications. Batteries store electricity generated from other technologies and then discharge when needed. Solid oxide fuel cells generate electricity 24/7/365. Because of this inherent difference, batteries are limited by duration and fuel cells operate indefinitely.

Can I use it for backup power?

No, Bloom Energy Servers act as primary power, meaning they produce 24/7 power.

If critical loads exist where backup power is traditionally needed, the system can be configured as a microgrid and operate while the electric grid is down. With the ability to operate with or without the electric grid, Bloom microgrids can eliminate the need for backup power.

How reliable is the Series 10 system?

Bloom is proven technology with over 1GW operating worldwide with 99.99% availability.

Bloom Energy projects have operated through many types of disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, utility outages, typhoons, forest fires, and extreme physical damage. In these cases, operations were either wholly uninterrupted or very quickly restored.

How is the system installed?

All Bloom installation packages include,

  • Design and permitting to meet relevant codes
  • Construction and installation of fuel cells and associated equipment, including shipping, rigging, and commissioning
  • Engagement with the customer or their approved EPC vendors to enable smooth installation and commissioning

The Series 10 configuration includes Bloom’s Packaged Energy Servers (PES) design to streamline the installation process.

When can the fuel cells be installed and start delivering power?

Series 10 can be shipped as quickly as 50 days from a signed agreement. Factors beyond Series 10 delivery will determine when power can be turned on. Our team will work with customers to understand your unique needs and how quickly we can begin providing you with resilient, predictable, and sustainable power.

How is the system monitored?

Bloom Energy systems are monitored 24×7 at our two fully redundant Remote Monitoring Control Centers.

Is there an option for term extension or renewal?

Yes.  Series 10 customers will be able to work with their dedicated account team to help determine what solution is best for their needs beyond, or concurrent to, the initial 5-year term.

What happens to the installed energy servers at the end of the project?

Just as Bloom Energy will manage all maintenance and monitoring of the energy servers for the duration of the project, we will also manage removal of the energy servers once the agreement has concluded.

What is the Series 10 footprint?

The Series 10 offers 10MW of power in a typical footprint of approximately 182’ x 107’ or 55.5m x 32.6m

How is pricing determined?

Factors including location, taxes and local fuel costs will determine overall flat-rate pricing for each project, starting as low as 9.9¢/kWh. This rate includes a tolling rate as well as an estimated fuel cost.

Could my rates with Bloom increase over time?

The total cost a customer pays for power with the Series 10 offering is determined by the tolling rate plus the cost of fuel.  Customer tolling rates to Bloom are fixed at the time of contract signature and do not change. The commodity price of fuel can be fixed for the term of the contract, or another duration that meets your procurement strategy. The price of the natural gas utility’s delivery rate is regulated and is typically adjusted once per year.

What is a tolling rate?

The tolling rate covers the cost of the complete Series 10 offering including, Bloom equipment, installation, any applicable taxes, operations and maintenance costs, 24/7 monitoring and the guarantee that the system will be 100% available at 10 MW for the duration of the term. The tolling rate is fixed for the duration of the term and is agreed upon between Bloom and the customer.

Who sources fuel and how does the cost of fuel affect pricing?

The cost of fuel is not part of the customer’s contract with Bloom.

Bloom often provides support for customers to procure competitive contracts for fuel supply from third-party suppliers based on the customer’s desired fuel procurement strategy. Fixed, predictable forward contracts are easily available for the five-year term. The customer has ultimate responsibility for procuring fuel supply.

What is responsibly sourced gas / certified natural gas?

Methane leakages from the oil and gas industry contribute over 84 million tons of methane to global emissions each year. 75% of these emissions from oil and gas production can be technically eliminated. Achieving these reductions in methane emissions is the CO2 equivalent of replacing 60 percent of the world’s coal-fired power plants with zero-emissions generation.

Certified natural gas differentiates gas production across a range of environmental, social and governance practices through a focus on verified methane performance and associated company practices. Certified natural gas is provided at no additional cost to Bloom Energy customers. Bloom purchases these certificates on behalf of its customers. 

How does Series 10 enable the transition to zero carbon energy sources?

The Bloom Energy Server is fuel flexible. This means that the system can run on natural gas, biogas, hydrogen or a blend of fuels.

As the market for cleaner fuels grows, the short five-year commitment of the Series 10 provides customers ability to solve their immediate challenges while providing optionality when cleaner fuels become more accessible.

Which industries are best suited for this offering?

This solution is suited for all industries that require high amounts of reliable power and those that may face cost barriers for decarbonization.

Locations that are facing capacity constraints or lack of electricity infrastructure are best suited to take advantage of the Series 10 offering optimized for fast deployment. Bloom Energy’s technology reliably powers Fortune 100 companies around the world. Companies turn to Bloom Energy as a trusted partner to deliver lower carbon energy today and a net-zero future.

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