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Powering our planet with resilient, sustainable, and predictable energy is the defining challenge of our time. Bloom empowers businesses and communities to take charge of their future with abundant, clean energy without compromises.

KR Sridhar

Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Bloom Energy

“The growing demand for essential electricity and the knowledge that the climate cannot sustain the status quo require that we rethink how to shape the transforming global energy marketplace.”

A History of Innovation

1960 – Today

Early Days


Market Growth

First hydrogen fuel cell is built by Bloom co-founder Jim McElroy as part of NASA’s Gemini program.
Bloom co-founders pioneer electrolyzer technology that creates hydrogen and oxygen by splitting water molecules.
1980s – 1990s
Bloom co-founders engineer electrolyzers and life support systems for space shuttles, missions, and stations.
Bloom co-founder Dr. KR Sridhar expands research into solid oxide electrolyzer technology.
Dr. Sridhar’s team at the Space Technologies Laboratory at the University of Arizona creates an electrolyzer to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen for NASA Mars missions.
Bloom obtains 19 electrolyzer patents.
Company founded, originally as Ion America, in Sunnyvale, CA.
First 5 kW field trial unit ships to the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.
2008 – 2010
Bloom Energy Server launches additional deployments at Google, Walmart, Coca-Cola, FedEx, Bank of America, and more.
First microgrid deployment at Owens Corning.
Bloom breaks ground on state-of-the-art Delaware Manufacturing Center.
First international project in Japan with Softbank and first datacenter mission critical microgrid.
First community microgrid deployment for the City of Hartford, CT.
Bloom Energy is publicly traded on NYSE ($BE).
Bloom partners with Samsung Heavy Industries to build fuel cell-powered marine ships.
First hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyzer projects are deployed.

First installations of onsite biogas-powered solutions at a landfill site and a dairy farm.

Bloom secures SK ecoplant contracts for 500 megawatts through 2024 (estimated $4.5B revenue).

A Platform to Power the Future


From microgrids to marine power, Bloom’s solid oxide platform is transforming the future of energy.


Technology built for Mars empowers businesses on Main Street.


Our flexible, modular platform scales with you as you navigate the energy transition.

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Powered by Collaboration

We’re working with partners across the energy landscape to unlock rapid scale and develop solutions to the world’s most pressing energy challenges.

Bloom Energy, Chantiers de l’Atlantique, and MSC Chart a Course for Cruise Ships Powered by Clean Energy

SoCalGas and Bloom Energy Showcase Technology to Power Hydrogen Economy with Gas Blending Project

Heliogen and Bloom Energy Lead the Way to Produce Low-Cost, Green Hydrogen Following Successful Demonstration

Ready for Net-Zero

Our flexible, future-proof technology generates lower-carbon energy today, while laying the foundation for a net zero tomorrow. See how we’re empowering businesses and communities to accelerate toward a decarbonized future.

Be the Change

Transforming the future of energy is no small task, but our team is up to the challenge.

At Bloom, we’re driven by a passion to create a clean, healthy, energy-abundant future for all.
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