Carbon Capture Technology

Bloom’s fuel cell platform is inherently suited to be a key part of infrastructure for carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS)

The Challenge and Opportunity of Carbon Capture

Renewables alone are not enough to reach decarbonization goals. Researchers and entrepreneurs have long sought ways to isolate CO2 from combusted fossil fuels in the hopes of capturing and storing the isolated carbon, but previous attempts have proven prohibitively expensive. Conventional methods for carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) rely on absorbing CO2 using zeolites, carbon molecular sieves, or amines. The problem is, most of these carbon capture technologies use so much power that they end up offsetting many of the environmental benefits they’re designed to achieve.

The Startling Facts about Carbon Capture Technology:

There is a large market need for carbon capture technology. Major utilities have committed to zero carbon by 2050, but there is not a clear pathway to get there. In the commercial space, data centers and other industries are also seeking 24/7, zero-carbon energy. Bloom’s solution paves the way to meet these targets and even exceed them. By utilizing carbon capture technology with biogas, it is possible to achieve carbon-negative power.

Pure CO2 Stream

Pure CO2 Stream

Zero NOx and SOx

Zero NOx, SOx, Particulate Matter

Meet Sustainability Targets

Meet Sustainability Targets

Bloom’s Carbon Capture Technology

Bloom Energy’s solid oxide fuel cells generate electricity via an electrochemical reaction rather than combustion, so they already avoid emitting the harmful air pollutants that come with burning fuel.

Bloom’s carbon capture system captures and recycles hydrogen and water from the fuel cell exhaust and then separates emitted water vapor and CO2. This CO2 can be easily captured and permanently sequestered in the ground or utilized in new applications. As a result, the Bloom system can be a key component of any organization seeking to implement carbon capture, utilization, and storage/sequestration.

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