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Bloom has developed an energy platform to address the challenges of today and tomorrow

The Energy System
of the Future

The race to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is the defining challenge of our generation. Bloom is committed to constant product innovation. Our roadmap aligns with a zero-emission trajectory to help organizations around the world reduce carbon emissions, enhance resiliency, and chart a path toward a net-zero carbon future.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Leveraging its 15 years of experience, scaled-up solid oxide platform, and strong hydrogen intellectual property (including 19 patents), Bloom has created uniquely differentiated solutions for customers interested in hydrogen solutions today.

The same proven fuel cell technology that has powered our global customers can now work symbiotically with renewables by producing or generating electricity from hydrogen. Our Energy Server can be configured for use of 100% hydrogen fuel, providing a highly efficient, combustion-free way of generating renewable, reliable electricity.


Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Highly efficient and combustion free
  • Proven fuel cell technology, powered by hydrogen
  • Superior efficiency and performance compared to alternative technologies


Bloom electrolyzers generate hydrogen from electricity, providing clean, carbon-free fuel for power generation, injection into the natural gas pipeline, transportation, or for use in industrial processes.

Solid Oxide Electrolyzers Cells (SOEC) convert electricity and water into hydrogen and oxygen. While the electricity needed for electrolysis can come from any generation source, pairing electrolyzers with renewable generation such as solar and wind is highly complementary. The resulting Green Hydrogen is carbon-free and provides an important storage mechanism that allows solar and wind to continue being important contributors to the overall energy-generation mix.

  • Highly efficient, cost-effective, zero carbon hydrogen production
  • Pairs with renewable technologies to store and transport renewable electricity
  • Superior efficiency and performance compared to alternative technologies

Renewable Biogas

Biogas generated from dairy farms, agricultural waste, food processing, municipal landfills and waste water treatment facilities is an abundant renewable energy source. Our Energy Server is equipped with a clean-up and conditioning module that cleans biogas of moisture and contaminants, enabling its use for renewable electricity generation and dramatic methane reduction in the process.

Every megawatt of electricity generated by a Bloom Energy Server running on biogas would avoid eight million pounds of CO2 emissions and thousands of pounds of NOx, SOx, and particulate emissions which cause asthma and other respiratory illnesses. 

Renewable Biogas
  • High efficiency, no combustion
  • Modular for different types or quality of raw biogas
  • Cost-effective capture and utilization of super-pollutants


Bloom Energy is accelerating the world’s path to zero emissions by decarbonizing marine transportation, a key sector of the global economy. Through collaboration with Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), one of the world’s largest shipbuilders, Bloom’s technology will help forge a sustainable energy future for marine transport.

Marine fuel cells change the future of ship design. No longer encumbered by centralized engine rooms, the modularity, customization, and low-profile footprint benefits of Bloom Energy’s fuel cells give maritime vessels more flexibility in design, which can allow a more efficient hull design, expanded cargo space and enhanced resiliency.


  • Improved energy efficiency design index
  • Fuel flexible with zero combustion
  • Modularity and power density alleviates space constraints

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture involves taking a point source of carbon emissions (such as a power plant), and separating the CO2 from other gases. This CO2 can either be stored, or transported for commercial use (such as cement manufacturing or alternative fuels development).

With the introduction of Bloom’s carbon capture technology, we are able to isolate a pure stream of CO2 that can be used or sequestered.

Carbon Capture
  • SOFC is inherently suited for carbon capture
  • ~95% purity of CO2
  • Carbon-neutral or carbon-negative generation

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