Bloom Energy provides the optimal solution for utilities to enhance resiliency, reduce emissions, and address the need to quickly deploy reliable resources in critical areas

Energy Challenges


Demands of our digital economy coupled with the escalating realities of extreme weather have created an unprecedented risk landscape. Utilities find themselves in an unenviable position, needing to solve for both the causes and consequences of our changing climate. 

Cascading Vulnerabilities

Over the course of the 20th century, the grid was built as a one-way value chain from fuel supply to end-user consumption. Such infrastructure design has created ‘cascading vulnerabilities’ – a failure of any component can result in disruption of service to end users.

Cost of System Hardening

Grid hardening programs are underway in every region, but upgrading such a complex system is expensive, and takes years to properly execute. But escalating climate impacts remain a major threat and risk outpacing the billions of dollars utilities are spending to implement their plans.

Energy Opportunities

Decarbonized Resilience

The race to find a resilient, scalable way to decarbonize is more important now than ever before. With more than half of our electricity still generated by fossil fuel, utilities must lead a massive investment in new, clean resources and the transmission and distribution infrastructure needed to reliably integrate them with the grid.

Accelerating Efforts

Utilities are on the front line of implementing the requirements that help bridge the gap from where we stand today to actualizing tomorrow’s vision of a resilient and zero-carbon future. There are many points-of-view on how these efforts can be accelerated, but ultimately a collaborative approach is needed to reach a zero-carbon future.

Distributed Paradigm Shift

We are now in a time where there are multiple options for sourcing and delivering electricity and distributed generation has completely shifted the energy paradigm. Successful distributed generation technologies at the utility scale are cost effective, dispatchable, reliable, highly efficient, and easily serviced.

Utility Use Cases

With energy challenges on the rise, Bloom offers utilities a practical distributed generation solution to help strengthen the power system, de-risk business, and most importantly, provide clean, resilient power to the communities they serve.

Disaster Planning and Response

Bloom has adapted its microgrid solution to enable community continuity in times of emergencies. Our Rapid Microgrid can be deployed in a matter of days to serve critical facilities with the local, reliable power they need.

Non-wires Alternatives

Bloom’s solutions utilize the highly reliable underground gas pipeline and are considered a viable non-wires alternative that reliably reduces system constraints, especially in locations where critical distribution or transmission infrastructure may be jeopardized by demand or climate impacts.

Resilient Local Capacity

Bloom Energy Servers can be co-located at substations or at other optimal locations identified by the utility to provide not only local capacity but also to provide grid resiliency and overall reliability in targeted remote or capacity constrained areas.

Alleviating Space Constraints

Bloom’s significant power density enables fast installation times to meet immediate demand in areas of high density or environments that are sensitive to centralized generation assets.

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