Value Statement: Preventing outages that can cause extended periods of downtime

Objective: JSR Micro wants protection against outages that can lead to extensive downtime and hinder ability to manufacture product to customers.

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA

Bloom Installation: 1.1 MW Microgrid Sunnyvale, CA June 2019

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Why Bloom?

JSR Micro, Inc., the US-based subsidiary of JSR Corporation, is a market leader in the production of high quality semiconductor materials. Their robust portfolio supports the larger innovative ecosystem the semiconductor industry is involved in, helping drive innovations in AI, 5G, and autonomous driving.

When it comes to quality, JSR Micro is uncompromising. Its customers are running 24 x 7 operations and they expect to have materials available at any time. In order to meet that expectation, JSR must be able to provide product under any condition.

When an outage occurs and the production equipment goes down, it can lead to extensive periods of down time, which hurts JSR’s ability to manufacture product for its customers. In the wake of a growing number of outages and continued risk to its operations, JSR Micro opted to take matters into its own hands and implement a microgrid to supply critical power to its facilities.


Bloom enables the company’s manufacturing, test, measurement, and other facilities to operate independently when disruption to the electric grid occurs. In addition to improving the resiliency of its business operations, Bloom also expects to significantly reduce JSR’s electricity costs and its carbon footprint over the lifetime of the deployment.