Workshop as part of Microgrid 2021 Conference:
Horses-for-Course: Configuring Distributed Generation Resources into an Optimal Microgrid Solution

The demands of our digital economy, coupled with escalating consequences of climate change, are creating greater risks for business owners dependent on reliable electricity. As these challenges increase, it’s clear that outdated utility grids are simply not up to the challenges. Fortunately, there are multiple options for sourcing electricity. Distributed generation technologies offer a clear path forward for those concerned about stable electricity supply. One solution rapidly gaining acceptance is the microgrid. Microgrids enable businesses to take control of their own specific electricity needs while dramatically improving reliability and, often, reducing costs. In this workshop, experts from Ecom-Energy and Bloom Energy discuss how to configure distributed generation resources into an optimal microgrid solution.


  • Moderator: Kevin Normandeau, Publisher of Microgrid Knowledge.
  • Nirupama Kumar, Sr. Product Manager – Microgrids, Bloom Energy
  • Ryan De La Cruz, Director of Business Development – Ecom-Energy, Inc.