Best of Both Worlds – Reduce Carbon Footprint and Save Money

Few would pay more to offset their carbon footprint and be green, but wouldn't everybody go green to save money? For far too long, companies have been forced to choose between their budget and their conscience. Bloom Energy is changing that paradigm.

Bloom allows you to save money first. The high energy efficiency built into Bloom's fuel cell energy systems coupled with ease of implementation and 24/7 availability combine to provide compelling economics to our customers—making it an easy and financially sound choice.

But the economics aren't the only story. Customers can also reduce their CO2 emissions by 50%-100% compared to the U.S. grid (depending on their fuel choice) and virtually eliminate all SOx, NOx, and other harmful smog forming particulate emissions. Installing Bloom Energy Servers allows you to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, but not at the cost of your bottom line.

When operating on pipeline-delivered natural gas, Bloom energy systems efficiently and electrochemically convert that fuel into low-carbon, baseload electricity. The same Energy Servers can also provide a carbon neutral generation solution operating on renewable fuels such as biogas. Bloom's fuel cell flexibility allows customers to choose the solution that is right for them.

Bloom Energy proves that reducing your carbon footprint and your energy costs are no longer mutually exclusive.