Securing Your Energy Future

The fact that the grid is a shared, centralized resource means that your energy security is impacted by many factors beyond your control and rarely in your best interest. Few will forget the “Northeast Blackout of 2003”, when a failure to trim trees in Ohio set off a chain of events across the grid that ultimately cut power to 55 million people in eight U.S. states and Canada.

Securing Your Energy


When your business cannot afford an outageyou simply cannot rely on the traditional grid. Our Energy Server Platform delivers always-on, 24x7 base load power to meet the requirements of the growing digital economy. With high availability, mission-critical reliability and grid-independent capabilities, we are the only energy solution to provide customers with constant baseload power while lowering costs and reducing carbon emissions. In addition, the platform can be configured to eliminate the need for traditional backup power equipment such as diesel generators, batteries or uninterruptible power systems (UPS).


Our Energy Servers avoid the vulnerabilities of conventional transmission and distribution lines by generating power on-site, where the electricity is consumed. The system operates at very high availability due to its modular and fault-tolerant design, which includes multiple independent power generation modules that can be hot swapped. Importantly, our systems utilize the natural gas infrastructure, which is a mesh network buried underground, unlike the above-ground electric grid architecture. A failure at one point in the natural gas system does not necessarily cause the same kind of cascading failure that can occur on the electrical grid.

Dependence on the aging grid leaves you exposed and vulnerable to:



Outages and service interruptions

Costly Backup Solution

Costly investments in backup solutions (such as uninterruptible power supplies) that sit idle most of the time


Electricity Price Surges


There is a way to take control of your energy security without breaking the bank.


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