An on-site power generation solution that delivers highly reliable, uninterrupted 24×7, normal source power for hospitals

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The nature of today’s hospitals – 24×7 service supported by an expanding use of technology – creates an extraordinary demand for energy. Healthcare facilities use nearly 10% of the energy consumed by the commercial sector, despite representing 5% of commercial floor space. What’s more, the recent convergence of climate and public health crises has exposed a sobering reality: the industry we trust to protect our health might be one of the most vulnerable to threats. In today’s reality of increasing uncertainty and elevated risk, it’s essential to implement a power source that provides the strongest layer of protection for critical facilities.

Quick Facts About
Healthcare Challenges

Big Business

  • 5th-Largest Economy In The World If the U.S. healthcare system were a separate country.
  • $6.5 Billion Energy Spend Per Year (Energystar) Healthcare organization costs for energy.
  • This is typically 10-15% of Hospital Operating Costs.

Thin Margins

  • Average operating margin for US hospitals typically lies between 2% and 4%.
  • From this perspective, every dollar saved onenergy use is analogous to raising revenue by $25 to $50.

Energy Risks

  • Highly Energy Intensive,using 2.5 times moreenergy per square foot than an office building.
  • $600,000 to $2 billion in infrastructure damages, FEMA estimates that extreme weather events can cost hospitals.

Overcoming Energy

Preventing Downtime

The cost of downtime for healthcare facilities goes far beyond financial implications. Hospital power outages not only result in lost revenue, they cause significant productivity losses, issues with patient care, increased logistical costs, and cancelled procedures.

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Resilient Solution

Bloom offers a smarter alternative for generating always-on normal source power. We enable hospitals to protect themselves from increasingly frequent and lengthy outages and their associated costs.

Lowering Emissions

The vast majority of healthcare facilities rely on grid-delivered electric power and diesel-powered electrical generators for back-up contributes to the significant environmental impact of the health care sector.

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Sustainable Solution

Fuel cells are a non-combustion technology that produce virtually zero of the criteria air pollutants that form smog, cause asthma, and worsen public health.

Controlling Costs

With growing pressure on revenues, controlling costs while maintaining quality patient care is increasingly challenging. These tight margins elevate the importance of any opportunities for risk planning and cost control

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Predictable Solution

In addition to avoiding outage-related costs that can reach into the millions of dollars, Bloom’s solution enables customers to hedge against volatility and price escalation by fixing a large portion of their electricity cost, providing multiple financing options and flexible term lengths.

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