Bloom Energy’s solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) platform provides a non-combustion pathway to convert fuels directly to electricity. The Energy Server is fuel-flexible and can generate energy using natural gas, blended hydrogen, biogas, and hydrogen. A modular platform approach provides a pathway to upgrade existing systems to align with our customers’ sustainability goals over time. With no water consumption during normal operation and a high operational efficiency, the Bloom Energy Server significantly reduces carbon emissions today, while providing a pathway to operate with cleaner fuels in the future.

The Bloom Energy Server provides reliable and resilient base power to facilities. It is designed in a modular concept ideal for on-site distributed power generation, operating 24×7, supporting the power demand in grid parallel or in a microgrid architecture. In addition, the heat from the flue gas can be captured from the Energy Server and integrated in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) application.

Bloom Energy has over 1 GW of power generation installations deployed globally across six countries. The Energy Server is suitable to address power needs in any industry and has multi-megawatt installations across industries such as retail, datacenters, hospitals, sporting arenas, manufacturing and warehousing.