This video explains Agilant and their goals as a company. It also explains what Bloom has been doing to help their clean energy efforts.

Video Synopsis

Bloom Energy Servers Deployed by Agilent to Advance Sustainability Goals

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Full Transcript

Akhil Batheja:

Hi, I’m Akhil, an enterprise account manager with Bloom Energy. Agilant is a global leader in life science and diagnostics. They provide application focused solutions that include: instrumentation, software, services, and consumables for the laboratory. Aligent’s mission is focused on improving the human condition. They help researchers fight cancer, improve agricultural yields, and reduce pollution. In line with their mission, Aligent has a strong focus on sustainability. Most recently they’ve been named number three on Barron’s list of 100 most sustainable companies of 2019. Energy use is the largest contributor to Aligent’s environmental footprint, which is what prompted them to explore a solution with Bloom. Bloom was able to provide cost effective, clean power to Aligent’s headquarters in Santa Clara and a business unit in Little Falls, Delaware. Bloom’s solution not only improved their bottom line, but reduced their carbon footprint by 4,000 metric tons each year. Bloom is proud to provide clean energy that powers tomorrow’s scientific breakthroughs.