Head of Government Affairs and Policy

James Roth, Head of Government Affairs and Policy, is a seasoned leader responsible for policy frameworks that move the energy transition forward. Working in tandem with Bloom’s commercial, regulatory, and marketing teams he develops and manages legislative and regulatory policy to build new market opportunities. Roth leads Bloom’s engagement in Washington, D.C., and in foreign capitals.

Prior to Bloom, Roth was on the leadership team at Conservation International (CI), serving as Senior Vice President, Global Policy & Government Affairs. At CI he advanced policies at the heart of climate change, leading teams in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that successfully negotiated key provisions of the Paris Agreement and carbon reduction rules for civil aviation.

Roth joined CI after leading government affairs at Starbucks Corporation, where he spearheaded advocacy efforts on federal, state, and local matters. Roth’s experience spans the legislative and executive branches of government. In Congress, he served as Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, and Senior Policy Advisor to Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana. Prior to the Senate, Roth worked in the Executive Office of the President, formulating White House trade policy under Presidents Clinton and Bush. He was part of teams that successfully negotiated trade agreements with countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

An attorney, Roth began his career in private law practice in Washington, D.C.

Roth is a published author. His book, “Bless.ed One,” recounts the inspiring journey of Madalitso Muthiya, the first Black African to participate in the U.S. Open Golf Championship. Calling his work a “powerful true story,” the U.S. Golf Association awarded Roth its highest literary honor, the Herbert Warren Wind Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions in research, writing, and publishing about golf.