A Platform to Power the Future

Bloom has developed an energy platform to address the challenges of today and tomorrow


Microgrid Solutions for Reliable Electricity

Bloom’s fuel cell platform can be configured as a microgrid that protects against grid outages and extreme weather disruption. Facilities operating Bloom fuel cell microgrids have powered through thousands of power outages. Bloom’s microgrid energy technology generates highly-efficient, clean energy, is fuel-flexible, and future-proof to help you navigate the energy transition to decarbonization. The fuel cell microgrid platform enables your organization to hedge against price volatility and price escalation by fixing a large portion of your electricity cost, and is modular to scale as your business and demand for power grows.

Benefits of Bloom Microgrid Solutions



Uninterrupted power without compromise to eliminate power outages

  • Eliminate outage risk
  • Maximize availability and uptime


Reduce price uncertainty from energy costs with superior power quality

  • Lock in predictable costs
  • Improve time to power
  • Gain consistent power quality


Accelerating the path to decarbonization and better air quality

  • Fuel-flexible, upgradable, future-proof
  • Navigate the clean energy transition


A turnkey solution platform to enhance your energy investment strategy

  • Flexible financing and no upfront cost
  • Trusted EPC Partner
  • Bloom handles permitting, installation, and O&M

The Energy System
of the Future

The race to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is the defining challenge of our generation. Bloom is committed to constant product innovation. Our roadmap aligns with a zero-emission trajectory to help organizations around the world reduce carbon emissions, enhance resiliency, and chart a path toward a net-zero carbon future.

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