Data Centers

For the key priorities of data centers, Bloom Energy’s solution is unmatched. Bloom is a trusted mission critical partner, with more than 100 microgrids installations and over 65MW deployed in data centers across the country

Industry at
a Glance

Data centers are the critical link between the digital and physical world – they power almost every aspect of our economy today, consuming close to 3% of global electricity in the process.

The combination of a nearly constant electrical load and the need for a high degree of reliability make data centers well suited for on-site electrical generation.

The Bloom Energy Server is designed to meet the requirements of powering the digital economy, with very high availability of power, mission critical reliability, and grid-independent capabilities.

Quick Facts About
the Data Center Industry

  • The cost of a U.S. data center outage has grown to $8,851 per minute (2016 Ponemon Institute study)
  • 19% of data centers experienced an outage every month in 2017.
  • 52% of data centers experienced an outage longer than an hour in 2017.
  • Power failures accounted for 36% of the biggest, global public service outages tracked by Uptime Institute since January 2016.
  • Power failures accounted for 36% of the biggest, global public service outages tracked by Uptime Institute since January 2016.

Overcoming Energy

Maximizing Uptime

The critical nature of data center operation elevates many design criteria — chiefly reliability and power availability — over other considerations and special focus must be placed on redundancy measures.

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Resilient Solution

Bloom provides a highly available always-on primary power source with up to 6-9s reliability, eliminating the need to invest in operating and maintaining legacy equipment that tends to fail during transitional events such as loss of utility power.

Lowering Emissions

With growing power demands and elevated outage risks, data center operators grapple with the question of how to balance reliability and availability, and efficiency considerations with the urgent need to reduce the sector’s carbon emissions.

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Sustainable Solution

Fuel cells generate electricity though an electrochemical process rather than combustion. This avoids emitting harmful criteria air pollutants that cause severe respiratory diseases and poor air quality worldwide. Fuel cells reduce carbon emissions compared to the grid and combustion-based technologies, and are also fuel flexible with the ability to run on biogas or hydrogen for carbon neutral emissions options.

Controlling Costs

Energy is a significant portion of operating budgets within data centers and is a key consideration when developing an infrastructure strategy. Traditional electricity delivered from the grid exposes operators to fluctuating prices that make budgets difficult to set and achieve.

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Predictable Solution

In addition to avoiding outage-related costs that can reach into the millions of dollars, Bloom’s solution enables customers to hedge against volatility and price escalation by fixing a large portion of their electricity cost, providing multiple financing options and flexible term lengths.

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