For the key priorities of manufacturing, Bloom Energy’s solution is unmatched. Bloom is a trusted resiliency partner, with a wide range of manufacturing and industrial operations utilizing Bloom’s on-site energy platform to control operating costs, enhance reliability, and mitigate risk

Industry at
a Glance

Manufacturing operations and processes depend on available, reliable, high quality power. The business needs of manufacturers are closely tied to reliability of critical systems and equipment and the risks that come from loss of power are extremely high. Although all downtime comes at a price, for high volume manufacturers, an unexpected power outage can cause disruptions that ripple through the entire supply chain.

As a resilient, AlwaysON energy platform, the Bloom Energy Server is designed to meet the critical business requirements of manufacturing, offering a clear path to energy independence while addressing the larger challenge of industry decarbonization.

Quick Facts About
the Manufacturing Industry

  • According to the DOE, manufacturing and industrial processes represent 25 percent of U.S. energy consumption and approximately one fifth of global CO2 emissions.
    • A recent survey found that more than a quarter of manufacturing businesses experienced an outage at least once a month in 2017, with 58% reporting an outage lasting longer than an hour.
    • For large manufacturing enterprises, a single hour of downtime tops the $5 million

    Overcoming Energy

    Maximizing Uptime

    Operational risks that come from loss of power are extremely high – outage events can devastate production processes, often leading to long and expensive delays in production that threaten a manufacturer’s bottom line.

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    Resilient Solution

    Bloom Energy Servers can operate independently of the grid. Because they receive fuel through the underground pipeline system, they are less susceptible to the impacts of extreme weather, enabling safe, continuous operation and avoiding costly consequences of unplanned downtime.

    Lowering Emissions

    With its relatively large global carbon footprint, manufacturers face pressure to transition towards more sustainable business practices and are increasingly looking at ways they can produce their products more efficiently and in an environmentally-conscious way.

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    Sustainable Solution

    Fuel cells generate electricity though an electrochemical process rather than combustion. This avoids emitting harmful criteria air pollutants that cause severe respiratory diseases and poor air quality worldwide. Fuel cells reduce carbon emissions compared to the grid and combustion-based technologies, and are also fuel flexible with the ability to run on biogas or hydrogen for carbon neutral emissions options.

    Controlling Costs

    Manufacturing plants are highly resource-intensive structures that are costly to build, operate, and maintain. Minimizing downtime in manufacturing is just as pivotal as maximizing efficiency and output to maintain production margins. 

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    Predictable Solution

    In addition to avoiding outage-related costs that can reach into the millions of dollars, Bloom enables manufacturers to hedge against volatility and price escalation by fixing a large portion of their electricity cost, providing multiple financing options and flexible term lengths.

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