Semiconductor Facilities

For the key priorities of the semiconductor industry, Bloom Energy’s solution provides an unprecedented ability to leverage efficient, high quality power that eliminates outage risk. At the same time, this solution provides a secure and scalable energy supply of clean energy to grow as a semiconductor facility’s need for reliable power scales up to meet their growing production capabilities.

Industry at
a Glance

Semiconductor facilities and their diverse set of operations and processes depend on available, reliable, high quality power. Business goals are closely tied to the reliability of critical systems and equipment, and the risks that come from loss of power are extremely high. Although all downtime comes at a price, for semiconductor fabrication facilities and the customers that rely on a steady supply of their products, an unexpected power outage can cause disruptions that ripple through the entire supply chain.

As a resilient, AlwaysON energy platform, the Bloom Energy Server is designed to meet and exceed the critical business requirements expected of a reliable energy supply, offering a clear path to energy independence while addressing the larger challenge of industry decarbonization.

Quick Facts About
the Semiconductor Industry

  • Large semiconductor facilities can use as much of 100 MWh each hour, equivalent to powering 50,000 homes for a year.
  • Electricity can account for up to 30% of a FABs operating costs.
  • Semiconductor facilities are carbon intensive and emissions are increasing, while industry leaders are committing to reduce or eliminate carbon in the next few decades.

Challenges and Opportunities

The recent shortage of chips across many industries, coupled with the need to produce more supply in the US, makes Bloom’s technology ideal to meet the needs of rapidly expanding facilities where the local utilities will take years to provide enough power. Bloom addresses these five challenges to guarantee that reliable, clean power is always available.

Get in touch with Bloom today to learn how your Semiconductor facilities can overcome some of these key challenges:

  • Aligning onsite power to ESG goals
  • Eliminating outage risk in the face of extreme weather disruption
  • Accessing high quality power to maintain smooth operations.
  • Reducing power cost uncertainty
  • Overcoming slow time-to-power that restricts your ability to scale

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