The Alhambra, a reimagined 40-acre mixed-use urban community located in the City of Alhambra, will be powered by fuel cells provided by Bloom Energy. The sleek fuel cells will generate clean, reliable electricity, on-site at The Alhambra campus with lower CO2 emissions than the local electrical grid, and with virtually no particulate emissions that cause smog and respiratory diseases. The Bloom Energy Servers were selected by The Alhambra’s developer, The Ratkovich Company (TRC), a premier Los Angeles real estate development firm, as part of its ongoing strategy to transform the 40-acre campus. The new Bloom Energy Servers – the fourth generation of the company’s technology – will generate up to 1 MW of power for the campus with expansion capabilities as the campus grows, meeting approximately 75% of its total demand. The installation is part of an eco-friendly campus design, which has earned The Alhambra an Energy Star score of 91.

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40-Acre Los Angeles Urban Community to be powered by Bloom Energy Servers

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Allison Mick:

Hi, I’m Allison Mick with Bloom Energy and I’m a member of the west region sales team. I’m here to chat with you today about a recent project and installation with The Ratkovich Company. For more than four decades, The Ratkovich Company has transformed Landmark Properties by striving to improve the quality of urban life within the Southern California region. Ratkovich’s properties are recognized for connecting the area’s storied past with its growing future, bettering the everyday lives of the people who live and work there. In 2010, Ratkovich installed their first Bloom Energy Servers. Late in 2018, not only did they upgrade that installation, but also expanded to meet their growing electricity needs. Ratkovich chose Bloom Energy because we provide cleaner power, but also an economic solution for rising electricity costs. A number of Ratkovich’s tenants have told them they continued to renew their leases for long term because of Ratkovich’s commitment to sustainability. It’s this unique approach to building LA’s future, but maintaining its historic past, that makes Ratkovich a pioneer in a property development industry and a truly great partner for Bloom Energy.