Sustainable, Resilient, Price Predictable.

The Bloom Energy Server is compatible with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. Increasing system efficiency and improving economics.

Bloom Energy is a world leader in fuel cell power generation. With a platform based on Solid Oxide technology, operating at temperatures above 800 ˚C, the Bloom Energy Server can produce clean energy at one of the highest efficiencies in the market today.

The high temperature cathode exhaust from the Energy Server can be channeled, allowing the resulting exhaust heat to be available for further use. Once captured, this high temperature heat can be utilized in various applications and to further increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Compared to combustion technologies and other fuel cell products, the Bloom Energy Server has one of the highest electrical efficiencies in the industry. By adding Heat Capture, the total system efficiency can reach a lifetime average efficiency of >90%.