Hydrogen is the key to renewable clean energy. This solution will decarbonize the world. Bloom’s electrolyzers help create this new clean energy source.

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Introducing the Bloom Electrolyzer

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Time is up. The world desperately needs to decarbonize, but renewables alone, won’t get us there. Creating affordable, clean energy requires one small, but mighty molecule. Hydrogen. Until now creating clean hydrogen has been too expensive, but everything’s about to change. Introducing the bloom electrolyzer with Bloom’s unique, solid oxide approach. Clean hydrogen can be created more efficiently than ever. Unlike other electrolyzers blooms runs at higher temperatures and requires less electricity in short it’s the world’s most efficient electrolyzer. And when paired with renewable energy sources, our electrolyzer is the best way to create low cost clean hydrogen at bloom, we believe better energy creates a better planet. So join us. Affordable carbon free hydrogen starts here.