Renewable natural gas (RNG) presents society with a unique opportunity to change the paradigm for waste. Utilizing waste to produce RNG creates a clean and reliable energy resource that is fully compatible with current infrastructure. RNG project development is, and will, play a significant role in the clean energy transition.

However, reliable and resilient power supply is increasingly becoming a critical path item for RNG project development and a risk to unlocking the full decarbonization potential of RNG. New intermittent resources present a challenge to aging grid infrastructure from managing generation capacity, transmission congestion and managing long and slow moving interconnection queues. Growing demand from the electrification of transportation, continued digital growth in data centers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and from decarbonization technologies (renewable fuel production, carbon capture, H₂ production via electrolysis) present additional challenges. Power availability at sufficient quantity and quality is no longer a given when developing RNG projects – it is now a critical path item driving project viability.

Bloom’s fuel cell technology turns power supply from a critical path risk to a value creating opportunity. Bloom’s platform is deployed quickly and supplies reliable, resilient and low Carbon Intensity (CI) electricity and low CI heat through Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to accelerate RNG production and lower CI scores.