Providing the Most Reliable and Resilient Electric Power

The increasing interdependencies and reliance on electrical systems is advancing requirements for facilities to maintain power when the grid is unavailable. A microgrid is a system that provides a reliable source of electricity and that maintains business operations through prolonged utility outages.

Businesses are demanding that microgrids provide clean, reliable, and low cost power. In order to disconnect from the grid when needed, microgrids must also match on site power generation with power consumption. Because our Energy Server Platform is designed to produce clean, efficient, always-on power, it has been selected as the backbone for a host of microgrid applications.

With over 30 megawatts of microgrids deployed, we are providing the most reliable, resilient, 24x7 electric power available.

We design microgrids that are tuned to specific reliability needs:

Microgrid Reliability Needs

To date, we are currently operating over 40 microgrids ranging in complexity and reliability from basic retail stores to advanced campuses with a multitude of distributed energy resources integrated.

At a large nation-wide retail chain, we are pairing our microgrid solution with our Integrated Storage offering to deliver clean, reliable and cost effective power to stores across the country. While the Energy Server platform provides the primary power to the stores, the batteries discharge to match the specific load requirements. This solution also ensures that the customer is capable of remaining open during power outages.

Microgrid Controller

Our platform is also at the heart of more advanced microgrids. By pairing our platform with solar and batteries, we are able to provide grid independent capabilities to the headquarters of a leading technology firm.