It’s time to decide how we power our future. Will our energy be inefficient, dirty, and unreliable? Or resilient, sustainable, and predictable?

For a better form of energy, choose Bloom.

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When power is resilient, predictable, and sustainable, there’s no limit to what you can do.

We’re passionate about creating a clean, healthy, energy-abundant world.

Our innovative platform empowers businesses and communities to generate their own energy on-site. No more price swings or unreliable infrastructure. Just abundant, sustainable energy without compromises.

With Bloom, you can take charge of your energy today.

Resilient Energy
When You Need It Most

As extreme weather events become increasingly common, learn how Bloom’s sustainable energy solutions can provide businesses and communities with predictable power whether the grid is up or down.


Increase the U.S. has faced in weather‑related power outages since 2000

Cost of weather-related power outages on the US economy

Built for Mars,
Powering Main Street

We’re transforming the future of energy with solid oxide technology.

The foundation of the Bloom Energy platform is our proprietary solid oxide technology. Originally built to help NASA explore life on Mars, solid oxide fuel cells are now powering the future here on Earth with resilient, predictable, and sustainable energy.

Bloom’s solid oxide fuel cells produce energy without combustion using certified natural gas, biofuels, or hydrogen as fuel. Our technology can be configured for distributed generation of electricity or as an electrolyzer to produce clean hydrogen.

Keio University, Japan 5710 200kW Microgrid

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Solid oxide technology is at the core of many Bloom solutions. Learn about the world’s leading solid oxide platform for distributed hydrogen and electricity generation.

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