Cost Predictability

With electricity costs on the rise, we offer the ability to lock in cost for electric power (other than the price of natural gas) over the long-term. With predictable energy costs, you are no longer subject to utility rate increases that may impact the operation of your business. In addition, we provide a solution that includes all of the fixed equipment and maintenance costs for the life of the contract. We also enable you to scale from a few hundred kilowatts to many megawatts on a “pay-as-you-grow” basis.


Why Bloom?

Bloom Energy’s cost of generation is based on fuel input and the efficiency of our Energy Server platform ensures that it uses less fuel than conventional grid to create the same amount of electricity. With the ability to  lock in long term gas contracts, we offer cost-effective and reliable electricity at predictable prices.

Additionally, Bloom’s comprehensive O&M Service includes all required maintenance to optimize power production and long-term costs are fixed up-front.


The combination of higher generation costs and T&D investments are driving overall utility power prices higher in most regions.



In major North American markets, electricity generation prices closely follow natural gas prices.


In general, long term electricity prices will follow the price of natural gas which trends upward over the long-term and can be tracked in the natural gas forward market.


Additionally, utility transmission and distribution (T&D) expenses have also been trending upwards, requiring the utility to make greater investments over time.



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