The Most Efficient Power Generator 

Our Energy Server platform generates electricity without combustionemitting virtually no criteria air pollutants, including NOx or SOx.

In addition to providing clean power, you can choose the fuel source that best fits your needs based on availability, cost and carbon footprint. Today our platform, running on natural gas, produces nearly 60% less carbon emissions compared to the average of U.S. combustion power generation.

In addition to the reduction in carbon emissions, our platform uses virtually no water in normal operation. By comparison, to produce one megawatt per hour for a year, thermoelectric power generation for the U.S. grid withdraws approximately 156 million gallons of water more than our platform.

Our Energy Servers can also utilize biogas to generate carbon-neutral electricity. Whether running on natural gas or biogas, our Energy Servers emit virtually no criteria air pollutants.



Higher Efficiency Drives Lower Emissions

By converting natural gas or renewable biogas into clean electricity using a direct electrochemical reaction without combustion, we are able to achieve an industry-leading 60%+ electrical efficiency.  By contrast, the average coal-fired power plant converts only 33% of its energy into electricity.

Energy generated from traditional power plants can travel hundreds of miles to the end customer, resulting in energy loss averaging 5% in the U.S., and up to 70% in developing economies. By generating power onsite, energy losses are avoided, further improving the emission reductions.


Carbon Dioxide Graphic


Avoided Water ConsumptionAvoided Water Consumption

Thermal power plants require significant amounts of water for cooling. In fact, the number one use of water in the U.S. is for cooling power plants. Compared to coal-fired and combined cycle natural gas plants, our Energy Servers require only a small amount of water on startup and consumes no water during normal operation. Reduced water consumption can benefit local watersheds and avoid thermal pollution in oceans and lakes.

Less Air Pollution and SmogLess Air Pollution and Smog

Our proprietary fuel cell technology converts fuel into clean electricity through an electrochemical reaction instead of combustion. This process virtually eliminates criteria air pollutants, including NOx and SOx, which are emitted by conventional power plants. Reducing criteria air pollutants not only improves the environment but also helps to mitigate their adverse impacts on public health.